Remedial Work on Deep Bay Creek


The headwaters of Deep Bay Creek are very near the E&N railway.  When this property was approved for zoning, the owner agreed to do several major works to enhance Deep Bay Creek, which at the time was providing valuable spawning grounds to coho,and chum.  Hopefully, after a release of over 250,000  pink salmon this past Spring, it will also provide habitat for this species.  Cut throat trout are also resident.  The owner also began to build a trail along the creek at a safe distance to protect it from hikers.

One of the enhancement projects was the enlargement of a pond near the railway.  Hopefully it can provide water through the dry summer period for fry survival. FBSES volunteers have been planting several conifers on the lower reaches of the creek for many years, and after its construction, planted trees around this pond.  The job of the day was to clear brush around the trees planted earlier.  Alders in particular are growing in profusion, and some are shading the conifers.  In addition, Himalayan blackberry plants are encroaching, and had to be dealt with by those with thick gloves and shovels. Several residents of Lighthouse Landing Estates, on whose property the pond is located, came out to help with the work, under the careful supervison of our Fisheries Technician, Jack Newman.  The residents were a quick study and indicated they were very appreciative of all the planting and work done by FBSES to the pond and stream areas on their property. They will strive to maintain the areas in a sustainable condition.  

The work was arduous, but fun, ending with a hot dog BBQ at noon.

Jack and his wonderful machine
Jack led the work with his brush cutter.

Grass and other weeds need to be trimmed to let the sunlight in.

The pond is an attractive feature for those who walk by.

A lovely day in the woods ...

Late morning.  Two groups converge.  Work is almost done.