Egg Take November 2007

From the President:

Everyone has worked so hard for this, ta dum!!!!
Chum eggs 213,346
Coho eggs Rosewall 79,754 , Wilfred 4,785
Pink eggs Chef 482,248, Wilfred 471,883

Good for you people, absolutely a fantastic job!!
And while we are giving thanks I am so grateful for the people who volunteer an extra hour or two to feed our fish.
Emily Schroeder              Rosemary Sparham
Finn Keim                         Gil Saunier
Dave Sands                      Dick Walters
John Bradbury                 Nelson Eddy
Pamel Lengyel

Thanks to you our fish are thriving and the hand feeding is making the growth even, none of the extreme from the large to the pinheads. These people also do other jobs, from treasurer to tank cleaning, from brood capture to web master. A group of many talents and passions and I thank each and every one of you for your time. I'll double your pay, or an extra cookie which ever comes first (you know the cookie will win!)


Clipping prior to release (Nov. - Dec., 2007)

  Coho clipped so far: 43,977 (2007 Dec. 22)

Morning Crew 1Morning Crew 1 Morning Crew 2Morning Crew 2 Morning Crew 3Morning Crew 3
Morning Crew 4Morning Crew 4 Jesse and Norma Cleaning UpJesse and Norma Cleaning Up Strategy SessionStrategy Session
Afternoon Crew 1Afternoon Crew 1 Afternoon Crew 2Afternoon Crew 2 Fish Transport CrewFish Transport Crew
Gil hiding under his hatGil hiding under his hat Dec. 8Dec. 8th Castaways+FBSES TransportersToday's Fish Transporters
29 Dec. Last Day!Happy group! The last day clipping! 29 Dec. Last Day! Judy explaining to granddaughter Last Day29 Dec. Last Day?